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About Me #

I am py, Gen Z, welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I typically write blogs in both Simplified Chinese(zh-cn) and English(en-us). You can choose to read the blog in the language that best suits you.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to chat, feel free to contact me via Email or Telegram.

For sending encrypted messages, you can use my PGP public key:

curl | gpg --import

Origin of My Nickname #

The nickname py has been in use since 2021. Most online friends who started socializing with me in high school address me by this name, while my real-life friends still use my real name.

The nickname comes from the first and last letters of play. The reason for choosing this nickname is that whenever I start a game, the familiar play button is always on the launch menu. For me, this button represents escaping reality and immersing in the virtual world, much like the internet.

Now, looking at reality, I realize that from the moment I was born, I have already logged into this real and massive multiplayer online game called “Earth Online”. In this game, rules are set and changed in real-time. Life is short, and how much of it is spent joyfully playing? So, I hope to enjoy myself in the limited time I have. Finally, it is my honor to become a player in this game with you, even if we are all just passing through and will eventually leave this game.

About the blog #

  • Py has no special meaning, it is just the nickname I currently use
  • blog as the name suggests, is a place to record things

You can get real-time updates via this RSS link.

Service Information #

  • This site uses Hugo to generate static pages
  • This site uses Congo as the blog theme
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  • This site uses Disqus as the comment system