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Service Composition


Our site is hosted by Cloudflare, and all traffic passes through its global distribution network and nodes. Cloudflare handles end-user interactions with our customers’ Internet properties and services. Unless you engage in illegal activities against our website, your data may be collected by Cloudflare. For regular access, we utilize Cloudflare’s free plan, which retains WAF or DDOS logs up to 7 days old.

For more details, please refer to Cloudflare’s Privacy Policy.


Our site uses self-hosted Matomo to track website traffic and analyze user information. We collect the following data:

  • Visiting IP address (anonymized)
  • Visiting time
  • Pages visited
  • Source page
  • Device type
  • Device screen resolution
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Plugins used (such as JAVA, PDF, cookies, etc.)

We utilize this data to provide statistics and optimize site services. This data will not be shared or sold to third parties. We respect your privacy and follow Matomo’s self-hosted analytics service’s privacy policy.


Our website also uses Disqus as a commenting system. You can selectively load comments. For information on data submission and privacy, please refer to Disqus’s official privacy policy.

How We Use Your Information

We utilize the collected information in various ways, including:

  • Understanding and analyzing your use of our site
  • Detecting and preventing fraud

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