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A Journey from Typecho to Hugo

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The Reason #

As you can see, I’ve left behind the dynamic Typecho framework in favor of the static Hugo. The reason was…

Yeah, and that’s how it happened (

The Process #

I realized this a while ago but never had the time to act on it, and even now… it seems I still don’t have the time, but I found the mood to do it (), spent a long time searching for and looking at frameworks and templates, and finally settled on the Hugo framework and this particularly minimalist theme, which, despite my modifications, remains very minimalist. For details about the theme, see the footer note~

Challenges #

Migrating the articles from the original blog was the most challenging part, as I had written too many diary entries before… couldn’t find a suitable plugin online (there are some, but they’re no longer usable).

But I also miss those days…

In the end, I managed to migrate, but there are issues with shortcode incompatibility and I’m still unsure how to handle the images, as it’s quite tiring. The original images were uploaded to the server through the Typecho backend, and taking them out is indeed troublesome… let’s leave it like this for now, as I really don’t want to deal with it anymore (

Finally #

I tested the site with PageSpeed Insights and Cloudflare Speed, as shown in the image:

That’s all~

No writing is ever perfect, just as no despair is absolute.

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