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My Covid Record

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End-of-year… it seems I’ll still need to write a year-end summary… might be a bit late ( Just remembered while looking at the blog that the SIM-card was processed on the 19th, and I tested positive on the 21st… (not sure if there’s any connection orz

Now that I’m mostly recovered, I plan to document this unique week-long experience.

Day 1 (Dec. 21) #

As shown in the picture, I fell asleep peacefully at 12:18 am but woke up at 4:16 am with a fever and a sore throat. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t due to discomfort. Around 6:49 am, I left my room to find a thermometer ( Finally found one at 9:33 am, with a temperature of 38.3°C Symptoms at the time were high fever and overall fatigue Later in the afternoon, my temperature reached its peak at 39.5°C, which was reduced to 38°C after taking ibuprofen Measured 38.6°C before going to bed that night

Side note: My brain was fried that night from the fever, and I accidentally subscribed to Twitter Blue, which raised my temperature by another 0.1°C (

Day 2 (Dec. 22) #

Woke up again from the fever at 4:09 am, with a measured temperature of 39.3°C. After drinking 1.5L of water, I tried to sleep again, not sure when I fell asleep, but it was around 9 am when I woke up. My temperature remained at 38.3°C until 5:38 pm Finally measured 37.3°C at 10:33 pm, still with a sore throat.

Day 3 (Dec. 23) #

Slept well that night, waking up at 8:28 am with a temperature of 36.9°C (considered fully recovered) But my throat was the most painful in the morning (like the online descriptions of being cut by a blade) By 5:18 pm, my throat slowly returned to normal, but I still had no appetite Coughing continued intermittently…

Day 5 (Dec. 25) #

Still no appetite, had two meals this day, a bowl of porridge for lunch and a bowl of soup for dinner…

Day 6 (Dec. 26) #

My brother got the antigen test kit, and I tested negative. My appetite also returned somewhat…

And so it ends…

Lastly, I hope you all stay safe during the pandemic, and wish everyone good health~

No writing is ever perfect, just as no despair is absolute.

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